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News & Events

650 Main Building

ImageCives Steel was awarded the 650 main building with Layton Construction in Salt Lake City. This is 10 story, 2,700 ton, class A office and retail development in the heart of booming Downtown. NWD is excited to work with Layton Construction, and to provide superior service and detail to this project. Steel erection is set to begin late Fall of 2020.

GM Factory Zero

Midwest Division was recently awarded The GM Factory Zero project in Hamtramck, MI by Ideal Contracting. This 2,300 ton project is where GM will manufacture an all battery-powered pickup truck, called the Hummer EV. Delivery of steel will begin in late July this year.

Salesforce Tower

ImageMidwest Division was recently awarded the Sales Force Tower project in Chicago. Our contract is with Walsh Construction to supply and erect this 60 story hi-rise on the Chicago River. This is a Kennedy/Hines Development that will start construction this summer with steel erection starting later this fall.

330 N Green Street

MWD was recently awarded the 330 N Green St project in Chicago, IL by Power Construction. This is an 18 story, 5,142 ton commercial office building developed by Sterling Bay. Fabrication will start in mid-March, 2020 and complete in August, 2020.

Hickman Hospital

Mid-West Division was recently awarded the Promedica Hickman Hospital in Andrian, Michigan by Lathrop Construction. This is a 1150 ton green field project utilizing sideplate moment connections and will be Midwest Divisions first sideplate connection project.

Stryker Instruments Division Facility

Midwest Division was recently awarded the Stryker Instruments Division Facility in Portage, MI with Ideal Contracting. This is a 485,000 square foot building (4070 tons of structural steel). This project will include a new functioning showroom, research and development lab and a bio-skills lab for research and new product development. The steel erection will be starting in early November, 2018.

South Jordan Station Project

North-West Division recently completed fabrication for the South Jordan Station Project located in South Jordan, Utah. The project requires the fabrication and erection of a single, 6-story, 180,000 square foot office tower and was awarded to North-West Division by Jacobsen Construction. At 1,490 tons, this project offers Cives an ideal opportunity to showcase our capabilities to one of our newest customer. North-West Division is eager to showcase our abilities and provide Jacobsen Construction with superior service and a quality product.

Citrus County Combined Cycle Project

Southern Division was recently awarded both the embed package and structural steel package for the Citrus County Combined Cycle Project with Fluor and Duke Energy in Crystal River, FL. There are two separate units that will each have the capacity to produce 820 megawatts once online in 2018. Southern Division will be supplying 4,350 tons of steel for the project with erection scheduled to start in October 2016.

2016 Manufacturers of the Year Winner


Cives Steel Company, Southern Division Named Manufacturer of the Year

Cives’ Thomasville, Ga., facility named 2016 Small Manufacturer of the Year at annual Governor’s Awards Luncheon

Atlanta, GA – April 2016: Gov. Nathan Deal yesterday named the Thomasville facility of Cives Steel Company, Southern Division the winner of the 2016 Manufacturer of the Year award in the category of Small Manufacturer (150 or fewer employees).

“The manufacturing arena is one that we take great pride in because it is one of those sustained elements of a state’s economy and of a nation’s economy,” said Gov. Deal. “In fact, we have seen some 511,200 new private sector jobs created in the state of Georgia [since 2011], and of that total, 40,600 of those have been in the manufacturing sector.”

“Congratulations to the winners, and to all of you who were in the running that may not receive the actual award, because you’re an important part of our economy as well,” Deal added.

“I’m proud to be here today to accept this award on behalf of all the people at Cives Steel Southern Division,” said Greg Orff, president and general manager of Cives Southern Division, upon receiving the award. “We truly appreciate the recognition, and I really look forward to taking this award and this honor back to our employees, because they’re who deserve this award.”

In a region known for its agricultural economy, Cives is a core piece of the Southeast’s steel industry, as well as one of the most successful structural steel and plate manufacturers in the country. The company has produced top-quality products for projects such as Turner Field and the Atlanta Airport, and its sustainable and stable workforce is exemplified in the company’s zero-layoff record.

Other winners included Athens’ Caterpillar, which won in the category of 500 or more employees, and Suniva, located in Norcross, which won in the category of 150-500 employees.

This is the 22nd year celebrating Manufacturing Appreciation Week in Georgia. The annual awards luncheon, held on April 21 in Atlanta, is the highlight of Georgia Manufacturing Appreciation Week, which is co-hosted by the Technical College System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Economic Development. This year’s sponsors included Georgia Power, the accounting and consulting firm of Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, Georgia Tech’s Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and the Georgia Association of Manufacturers.

In his proclamation declaring April 18-22 as Manufacturing Appreciation Week, Gov. Deal noted the tremendous contribution manufacturing makes to the state’s economic well-being. Nearly 9,456 manufacturing facilities are located in Georgia, according to the proclamation, and they provide 364,724 jobs, generating nearly $20.1 billion in wages for Georgia’s citizens and contributing more than $100 billion to the state’s economy each year.

The three winning companies were nominated by business and civic leaders and chosen for their excellence and contributions to the state’s economy and their respective local communities.

Brooklyn Navy Yards Dock 72

Northern Division was recently awarded the Brooklyn Navy Yards Dock 72 Project with Gilbane Building Company. Located on an old dry dock, when complete the building will feature waterfront on three sides and provide stunning views of the Manhattan Skyline. Northern will be required to fabricate 5500 tons of structural steel that included slopping “Jumbo” columns, 2-transfer trusses, and an 85’ box girder. Fabrication is scheduled to begin May 2016 with erection scheduled to begin August 2016.
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